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Based in Wellington, New Zealand

Release date:
11th August, 2014

Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu
iOS and Android


Regular Price:

USD$9.99 (desktop)
USD$4.99 (iOS and Android)


Mini Metro is a minimalist subway simulation game about designing efficient subway networks. The player must constantly redesign their line layout to meet the needs of a rapidly-growing city.


The prototype for Mini Metro, Mind the Gap, was created at the end of April 2013 during the three-day Ludum Dare 26 Jam. The first pre-alpha build was made public in September 2013. Mini Metro was put up on Steam Greenlight in March 2014 and was greenlit within three weeks. Mini Metro was released on Early Access on the 11th of August, 2014. After more than a year of additional develoment, the game launched out of Early Access on 9th of November, 2015. The iOS and Android versions launched on the 18th of October, 2016.


  • Compelling, constructive, hectic, relaxed gameplay. If that makes sense.
  • Three game modes: Classic for quick scored games, Endless mode for stress-free sandbox play, and Extreme for the ultimate challenge.
  • Ten real-world cities to design subways for, including London, New York City, and Paris. Each has a unique colour theme, set of obstacles, and pace.
  • Random city growth, so each game plays out differently. A strategy that proved successful last game may not help you in the next.
  • Each game's map is a work of art, built by you in the classic abstract subway style of Harry Beck. If you think it's a keeper, save it, tweet it, show it off or make it your desktop background!
  • Dynamic soundtrack by Disasterpeace.
  • Colorblind and night modes.
  • Trains!


iOS and Android teaser YouTube

Release trailer YouTube

Early Access trailer YouTube

Nerd³ FW - Mini Metro YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (6MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "PAX Australia Indie Showcase" PAX Australia, 4 - 6 November 2016
  • "Nomination for Best Debut" BAFTA Games Awards, 7 April 2016
  • "Winner, Excellence in Audio" Independent Games Festival, 14 - 18 March 2016
  • "Finalist for Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Excellence in Design, Excellence in Visual Art" Independent Games Festival, 14 - 18 March 2016
  • "Nomination for Best Debut" Game Developers Choice Awards, 16 March 2016
  • "Finalist" IndieCade, 9 - 12 October 2014

Selected Articles

  • "If you've ever wanted to design a subway map, you should play 'Mini Metro'."
    - Adi Robertson, The Verge
  • "Mini Metro is a game which marries city planning and London tube map porn thanks to its ultra-minimalist layout."
    - Philippa Warr, Wired.co.uk
  • "Mini Metro is such a perfect marriage of form and content"
    - Emanuel Maiberg, iQ by Intel
  • "If you love the city-planning aspect of Sim City but can't handle the pressure of playing god, then you may have just found your new favorite time-waster."
    - Ashley Feinberg, Gizmodo
  • "Mini Metro Lets You Design Your Own Minimalist Subway System"
    - Steve Marinconz, Kotaku
  • "It’s a small thing, but I’ve had the tab open with the game running for the past 40 hours."
    - Graham Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "If you won’t take my word for it that a game about mass-transit system design can be a tense, white-knuckle thriller, go play the free in-browser beta of Mini Metro yourself."
    - Owen Faraday, Pocket Tactics
  • "Mini Metro: fun game simulates planning and running public transit system."
    - Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing
  • "Players have one aim: to design a subway system that works."
    - Rachel Z. Amdt, Popular Mechanics
  • "Şehrimize Metro Kuruyoruz"
    - S. Safa Paksu, Spaksu Blog
  • "Love it! Simple gameplay, deep tactics. Perfect casual game."
    - MC Frontalot, frontalot.com

Monetization Permission

Dinosaur Polo Club allows for the contents of Mini Metro to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Mini Metro is legally & explicitly allowed by Dinosaur Polo Club. This permission can be found in writing at https://www.dinopoloclub.com/press/sheet.php?p=mini_metro.

Mind the Gap
The April 2013 prototype can be played at ludumdare.com.

About Dinosaur Polo Club

Dinosaur Polo Club is an independent game development studio in New Zealand, founded by twins Peter and Robert Curry.

More information
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Mini Metro Credits

Peter Curry
Programmer, Designer

Robert Curry
Programmer, Designer

Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace)
Audio, Freelancer

Jamie Churchman
Visual Design, Freelancer

Navi Brouwer

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